Why do we love buying cosmetics at the pharmacy?


Dermocosmetics is on the rise and expert skincare pharmacists are the new influencers

If you are fond of social networks and cosmetics, it will not escape you that pharmacists are increasingly influential on Instagram. Rocío Escalante, Gema Herrerías, Marta Masi, Esther Sansi, Felipe Martin de Galileo61, Paz Arnau Ferragut …

From their accounts, they deny myths, help create routines, recommend beauty gestures, solve doubts.

Right now, the pharmacy and parapharmacy is a paradise for those of us who like cosmetics. Traditionally, pharmacies dealt only with skin and hair pathology. What the dermatologist prescribed, you found there. Currently, it has nothing to do with it.

The rise of dermo-cosmetics

The dermopharmacy sector has taken a good chunk of the cosmetic sales pie. In Spain, but also in France, where they have always had great appeal, and in the United Kingdom, where there is a great tradition of parapharmacy.

When you go to the pharmacy to buy, you want to find trust, credibility, advice. Now, to that is added the great appeal of the shopping experience, with personalized diagnostics, workshops, etc.


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