What do I do with my gel nails in quarantine?


How to remove permanent polish and gel nails without damaging them

It may be that the confinement, with the consequent closure of all establishments such as hairdressers and beauty centers, has caught you with fresh nails.

If the last time you chose gel nails or permanent enamels, it may be that in a few days -when you have them overgrown- you will find yourself in the position to erase or remove them on your own.

At that time, and taking into account that there is time to #ISTAYINHOME, please read these instructions that Katia’s manicure experts in Camerinos have given us through Treatwell. You will be able to remove the color without damaging the nails.

Necessary material

To remove the semi-permanent polish or porcelain nails, we will need a thick nail file, pure acetone, cottons, aluminum foil, and an orange stick or any other small tool that helps us remove.

Step by Step:

1. File the top layer of semi-permanent nail polish carefully, to reduce the volume and allow the acetone to penetrate better.

2. Soak cotton balls in acetone and place them on your nails.

3. So that it doesn’t evaporate, cover each finger with aluminum foil.

4. Let the acetone work for about 30 to 40 minutes.

5. Remove the aluminum and cotton. You will see that the enamel has wrinkled and, pushing it with the orange stick, it comes out quite easily. If it is porcelain or gel, the texture will be rubbery.

6. If during this process you notice that it is difficult to remove the enamel, cover with cotton wool in acetone and aluminum foil for another ten minutes.

7. It is possible that, when finished, the nail remains. To do this, carefully file the rest of the product and when finished, wash your hands well to remove traces of acetone and moisturize.

Save the junk

If instead of completely removing the color, you prefer to keep it, there is a catch. It is given to us by the Nails and the City chain of salons (also through Treatwell):

It is best to gently file the surface to level the growth and apply a similar or darker coat of enamel from the nail growth to hide the difference “

And what happens next to the nail?

After removing the gel or semi-permanent polish, the nails may be weakened. It is time to pamper them to the fullest. If it is really brittle, the solution is to cut the broken nail flush and cover it with tape. “This way, you won’t get hooked on anything and it won’t get worse. In a few days, the nail will grow and stop hurting ”, point out the Treatwell experts.

And of course, the mantra is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Put on hand cream more than ever. Not only because the hands are dry from so much washing, but because the nails also need hydration and nutrition.

You can use cream or oils. What you like the most, but with perseverance and applying massage to the nails and the skin around and on top.



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