Trend hairstyles 2020: 3 short haircuts for summer

Trend hairstyles 2020

Short haircuts are more popular than ever – and that suits us especially in summer! Long manes under which we sweat, elaborate styling and eternal hair washing are a thing of the past with these short hairstyles. We’ll show you the top 3 trending hairstyles for short hair this summer.

Short haircuts for summer
Whether really short, a chin-length bob or shoulder-length: short haircuts are absolutely trendy this summer. At high temperatures it’s not only pleasant, our hair will thank us for it too. Strong sunlight, chlorine and salt water put a particular strain on hair lengths in summer. So why not just get off it – and make your hair look strong and shiny again? You’ll do everything right this year with these top 3 spa haircuts.

The top 3 trend hairstyles in summer 2020
Soft blunt bob
The blunt bob is derived from the English word “blunt”, which means something like “blunt”. This means the straight cut, with which the hair is cut straight at the level of the chin. This year we love a slightly different version: The Soft Blunt Bob is characterized by a more casual version of the cut. Here the tips are shortened a little less angular, so that they deliberately protrude a little.
This look provides natural dynamism, more volume and a lot of casualness. This also makes styling easier for us – because the soft blunt bob is super uncomplicated due to its messy look.
Bye-bye, long blow-drying and strict sleek styling! Great: The loose cut makes you look a few years younger.

Natural bob
This summer we love it uncomplicated, casual and fast. That is why the natural bob remains in the current hairstyle trends.
Forget about accurate cuts and elaborate styling: For this trendy hairstyle, we let our hair fall naturally. The best: The natural bob works with any hair structure – whether wavy, straight or curly! Let the hairdresser advise you which length will suit your face. With this hairstyle we have more time for the beach and cocktails!

Soft pixie cut
The pixie cut is a true classic. It actually dates from the 1950s and became a symbol for the emancipation of women in the 60s.
Because not only men, women also look beautiful with short hairstyles. With a pixie cut you have to be a little brave: Here the mane is actually shortened to a few centimeters. Depending on the variant, the hair can also be rasp-short!

This summer we are celebrating the comeback of the important short haircut – in a soft version. The new version is a little softer and more feminine than the classic. Accordingly, this is a less hard cut. The sides are traditionally cut short so that the ears stand free. The top hair is kept a little longer for this. This creates a soft, feminine look in which the hair on the head falls naturally and maintains volume. Perfect for hot days!


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