Summer hairstyle Shaggy Bob: the casual short haircut

Summer hairstyle Shaggy Bob

We love bobcuts! Regardless of the form, the short haircuts are particularly popular this year. A popular summer variant: the shaggy bob. We’ll tell you what makes the uncomplicated, airy cut.

A little rocky, young and wild – that probably best describes the Shaggy Bob. The casual short haircut owes its name to its slightly shaggy appearance. The English word “shaggy” means something like shaggy. That doesn’t sound so convincing yet? Wait for it!

Trendy Shaggy Bob hairstyle
Originally from the 70s, the shag cut at that time is now experiencing its revival: The combination of the trendy undone look and the bob cut makes the shaggy bob the absolute trend hairstyle. Style forever in the morning? Not necessary! The shaggy strands are wanted here. They make for a cool, casual look and make us look a few years younger

Away with strict hairstyles, over-correctness and perfectly fitting strands – with the Shaggy Bob we save time, money and a lot of nerves! And best of all: The loose, short haircut is really refreshing in the hot temperatures.

This is what a shaggy bob looks like
The Shaggy Bob by no means wants to look strict, neat, and styled. It is therefore something for the casual person who would like a quick hairstyle that makes them look fresh and youthful.

Whether you opt for a very short bob that ends at the ears, or you prefer chin length or even collarbone: The hair length is not decisive with a shaggy bob. Here you can freely choose according to your preference.

What makes the Shaggy Bob stand out are rather the graduated strands: To prevent straightness, especially with straight hair, the mane is well graduated. The upper outer hairs are longer than the hair below. The fringes add volume, swing and a touch of rock ‘n roll.

The front part of the hair can be a little longer than the hair on the back of the head. This creates even more swing and asymmetry.

How to style the shaggy bob
The best thing about this trendy hairstyle: You don’t need elaborate styling! Those who naturally have light waves can simply let their hair air-dry after washing.

If you have very straight hair, wash your hair in the evening and go to bed with your hair slightly damp (not wet!). Those who wish can fix something mousse knead and his hair blow-dry with a diffuser head over to provide even more momentum and volume.


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