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Gentle skin cleansing: The Oil Cleansing Method

Gentle skin cleansing

It seems obvious that oils can give dry skin a helping hand. With the Oil Cleansing Method you can also clean combination, oily or impure skin effectively and naturally at the same time.

Who is completely satisfied with their skin ? Some have dry skin that is tight and flaky. Others wear an unpleasant sheen on their face and fight against excess skin oil and impurities. Still others have a mixture of both skin types. Very few people can look forward to normal, smooth skin without blemishes.
The perfect glow
This is absolutely hip in the beauty scene right now: The skin should be smooth and flawless, look fine and natural and radiate from the inside out. There is always talk of the perfect “glow”. Mask-like, sticky make-up is an absolute no-go. So we must probably achieve the perfect skin in a different way.

Proper cleaning
Before great serums, creams and lotions can work, the skin must be cleaned well. Otherwise, bacteria and dirt will only be distributed on the face and nutrients will fizzle out more or less ineffectively. Classic chemical cleaners are said to be very dry on the skin as they try to remove excess oil. The skin wants to correct the problem and produces even more fats – the pores clog and become inflamed.

The Oil Cleansing Method

Many beauty trendsetters therefore swear by the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) when it comes to facial cleansing. Oils are designed to remove oils. People with blemished and oily skin will be shuddered by this idea. Apparently the cleaning method even remedies these problems and ensures cleaner skin.
An oil cleanser like the ” Deep Cleansing Oil from DHC ” is already available for 22 euros on Amazon.

Which oil do i need?
The basis of every cleansing oil is castor oil . This is known for its cleansing and anti-inflammatory effects, but in too high a concentration can have a drying effect. For this reason, carrier oils are added. Ideally, these should be untreated, cold-pressed oils, as these contain important nutrients, vitamins and also fatty acids that maintain the natural moisture balance in the skin. Sunflower oil is particularly suitable for this, lavender and almond oil are effective for blemished skin, jojoba oil and olive oil are suitable for dry skin.

It’s all in the mix
So you can easily make your own cleanser, but you have to experiment and practice a little. The following mixing ratios generally apply:

Blemished skin: 30% castor oil, 70% other oil
Normal skin: 20% castor oil, 80% other oil
Dry or sensitive skin: 10% castor oil, 90% other oil
When you have found the perfect mixture, you need to make sure that the container for your cleaner is very clean. You should also pay attention to cleanliness when using it: Before cleaning, you should wash your hands and do not reach into the product with your fingers, but instead drizzle it on the palm of your hand.

Oil Cleansing Method: Proper Use

For the perfect application of the Oil Cleansing Method, you should follow these steps:
Let some oil drizzle in the palm of your hand, warm it up briefly, then pour it onto your dry face.
This process may take a few minutes because the oil should get into the pores. The massage also has a relaxing effect.

After your facial massage, hold a small towel under hot, running water and wring it out.
Place the towel on your face and press it down until it cools down. Carefully run the cooled towel over your face, rubbing is strictly prohibited!
Rinse the towel again under hot running water, wring it out, and place it on your face again until it cools.
After the cleansing process, rinse your face with cool water so that the pores can close again.

Also removes make-up

The Oil Cleansing Method should only be used in the evening, as it cleanses the face very thoroughly. Usually this type of cleaning is only necessary in the evening when the face is burdened with dirt and make-up. You do not need an additional make-up remover with the OClM, as the oil also removes the make-up. For most users, the cleaning effect of the method appears to appear after a few days.

Styling tips for thin hair

Styling tips for thin hair

Those who have fine hair often want more volume for their mane. We give tips on how to style thin hair and what you should pay attention to.

About a third of all women have thin hair. If the circumference of your braid is less than two inches in diameter, your hair dries very quickly and is also light, then you have fine hair. Many women with fine hair want a little more volume and often don’t know how to style their mane. We give you valuable tips at hand.

Blow-dry fine hair properly
Thin hair is more sensitive than normal or thick hair – this is due to its fine structure. So be careful when blow-drying and rather only set the hair dryer on the medium level. Do not hold the hair dryer on one spot for too long and make sure there is a sufficient distance of at least 20 cm from the hair. This prevents split ends and hair breakage.

Styling tips for thin hair: create volume
Mousse: With the help of a blow dryer, more volume can be conjured up. Simply apply a little setting to damp hair and then blow dry the individual areas with a round brush. A diffuser also provides additional volume. Put the cap on her hair, give mousse in his hair and press individual sections of hair with the diffuser for a few seconds to the head. In this way the mane gets a cool tousled look with a lot of volume.

Baby powder: Put some baby powder on the hairline, this visually creates more fullness.

Vary the parting more often: In this way, the hair roots straighten up better and the hairstyle appears more voluminous.

With the curling iron or straightening iron: Before styling, it is essential to think of heat protection so that the hair does not suffer. With a curling iron , you can easily transform your hairstyle into a whale mane. You can also conjure up a few beach waves in your hair in no time with a straightening iron . How this works, you will see here:

5 quick tips against dark circles

5 quick tips against dark circles

The night was too short again and when you look in the mirror in the morning do you notice dark shadows under your eyes? We reveal five effective home remedies that immediately help against dark circles and that you are guaranteed to have at home.

These home remedies are effective against dark circles
Cucumber slices
The classic actually helps against puffy eyes, because cucumbers have a decongestant effect. They also provide the delicate thin skin around the eyes with plenty of moisture.

Tip: Be sure to use freshly cut cucumber slices and place them on your closed eyes for about 10 minutes.

Green tea
The tea is said to have anti-inflammatory effects, which is why it is ideal for puffy eyes. In addition, the antioxidants contained in green tea prevent skin aging and the vitamin K in tea lightens the dark circles.

Tip: Let two tea bags soak in warm water for a few minutes. Now the tea bags go into the refrigerator for about 20 minutes so that they have cooled down well before you put them on your eyes.

Potatoes against the eye rims
The great tuber contains various minerals and vitamins that are said to have a brightening effect on the skin around our eyes.

Tip: cut a still raw potato into thin slices. Put this on your eyes for a quarter of an hour. Then rinse the eye area briefly with water, as the starchy potatoes can leave sticky residues on the face.

The good old teaspoon trick
Especially if you struggle with dark circles under your eyes, you can simply put a spoon in the freezer in the evening as a preventive measure. Cold has a decongestant effect because the blood vessels contract and the circles under the eyes become weaker.

Tip: the next morning, breathe on the spoon or rub it briefly between your hands so that it is no longer quite so cold. If it feels pleasantly cool, place it over your closed eyes.

Almond oil against dark shadows under the eyes
Almond oil also says war against dark circles. Gently massage some oil into the skin around the eyes. There’s a well-rated vegan almond oil here. Be careful not to get the almond oil in your eyes.

Tip: It is best to work from the inside out.

Peel-off masks

Peel-off masks

Apply, let dry and peel off: the so-called peel-off masks are very easy to use and help against blemished skin and blackheads on the face. Have you tried such a mask before?

They are available in different colours and with different active ingredients and ingredients: Peel-off masks have become an indispensable part of the shelves in the beauty corner in the drugstore. But what makes these masks so special and how good are they really for our skin? We give answers.

What are peel-off masks and how do they work?

Peel-off masks are a type of gel that can be wonderfully applied to the face, neck and décolleté. After about 10 to 20 minutes, the mask is dry and can be removed. In contrast to most other face masks , the peel-off mask is not washed off with warm water after the exposure time, but, as the name suggests, simply peeled off. Perhaps you have already heard of Black Head masks. ? These are black peel-off masks with activated charcoal. These black masks are supposed to help with extreme blackhead problems and ensure a clean complexion. Similar products often contain fruit or hyaluronic acids, which in addition to the anti-pimple effect provide plenty of moisture.

What does the peel-off mask do for my skin?

When used, blackheads are literally pulled out of the pores, dead skin, dirt and excess sebum stick to the mask and are gently removed – the perfect cleansing against pimples and impurities. At the same time, the blood circulation in the skin is stimulated, which supports the process of cell renewal. The cleansing mask is suitable for all skin types and makes impure but also sensitive skin nice and smooth.

The right application

Before you apply a peel-off mask, you should rid your face of make-up residues, dirt and excess sebum. Cleanse your skin as usual with a cleansing milk, facial toner or washing gel. Then the mask can be applied evenly to the skin. It is important that you do not apply the product too thickly, otherwise the mask cannot dry properly. After 10 to 20 minutes, the peel-off mask is usually completely dry and can be carefully peeled off towards the center of the face. The cleansing mask can be applied up to three times a week for very oily and impure skin.

Tip : Blackheads and pimples only develop in the T-zone, i.e. on your forehead, nose and chin? Then apply the gel-like mask specifically to these areas. You can easily leave out the cheek, mouth and eye area.

Skin care after the mask

After cleansing with a face mask, pay special attention to your skin and first clarify the skin with a toner. Then you should apply your facial care as usual to perfectly support a beautiful complexion and a pure complexion!

Correct make-up for drooping eyelids: the best tips

Correct make-up for drooping eyelids

Make-up for drooping eyelids, but how? We’ll tell you how you can use simple tricks to hide your drooping eyelids and make your eyes bigger.

Drooping eyelids – what is it actually?

Drooping eyelids are pronounced, drooping upper eyelids. When the eye is open, the movable lid is only partially visible or not visible at all, as the upper part of the eyelid overlaps the eyelid. The smaller or larger fold of skin presses on the lid of the eye, making the eyes look very small and appear tired.

Drooping eyelids are mostly genetic or appear with age due to the muscular weakening of the upper eye area. With simple means such as a firming eye cream, however, you can prevent and counteract the sagging of the eyelids. Eye creams with the active ingredient adenosine are best suited for this. The active ingredient strengthens the cell density and thus works against relaxation. Creams with caffeine also have a positive effect, as the caffeine stimulates microcirculation.

Many women see a flaw in drooping eyelids and despair in the morning trying to put on perfect eye make-up. But celebrities like Heike Makatsch and Claudia Schiffer, who are known for their drooping eyelids, prove that you can look sexy despite drooping eyelids . Because with the right make-up technique, the small blemishes can be easily concealed, and the eyes look much fresher and larger. All you need is a little makeup and the right eye shadow tones.

Make up for drooping eyelids, but how?

Every beginning is difficult – this also applies to putting make-up on drooping eyelids. You should therefore take an afternoon to try out the technique several times at home in front of the mirror and perfect it step-by-step so that the result is optimal. Normally, the lid lid is emphasized in eye make-up, but since this is now under the drooping eyelid, the drooping eyelid itself must be emphasized instead. So the focus is on the moving part of the eyelid.

Make-up on drooping eyelids: You need these utensils

  • A primer that makes the eyeshadow stick better
  • Cream , light brown or shimmery eyeshadow tones
  • A dark shade of eyeshadow
  • Highlighter
  • voluminous mascara
  • We will explain step by step how to proceed here:

To begin with, clean and dry the skin thoroughly. Then the primer follows as usual (make-up, day cream or similar). Also put some primer on the eyelids, for example in the form of transparent powder. The primer will make the eyeshadow stick longer.
You should pluck your eyebrows rather narrow and comb them up with a small brush. Then, as usual, emphasize the shape of the brow with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.

Now emphasize and highlight the movable lid with light eye shadow. Instead of white, use cream-colored eyeshadow, because it looks more harmonious with your complexion. Light browns and shimmering nuances also look good. You should rather avoid dark colors.

Next, look straight ahead in the mirror and apply a dark shade of makeup to the area that lies exactly above the movable lid.
Now pull the overlapping lid up from the eyebrow with your fingertips until you see the crease of the lid. Using a beveled brush, apply the same eyeshadow to the now clearly visible crease. Many affectionately refer to this step as “putting on banana make-up”. Now blend in nicely so that no hard edges remain. But be careful: Do not shade too much towards the eyebrows.

To make the eyes even bigger, apply a highlighter just below the eyebrow. This makes the eyes shine.
You can draw an eyeliner on the upper lash line. However, this should not be too thick. Blend a bit here too so that the line doesn’t look too strict and harsh.

Last but not least, apply a lot of mascara to the upper lashes, because only with mascara you will get a really great look. To achieve an even greater effect, apply several tints to the eyelashes to make them look more voluminous. To prevent the mascara from sticking, you should let a few minutes pass between ticking the eyelashes until the layer has dried. Artificial eyelashes can also hide the drooping eyelid as long as they are fine, upwardly curved eyelashes. Heavy, thick eyelashes that hang like a curtain over the eye look less beneficial.

With particularly pronounced drooping eyelids, where the drooping eyelid ends just above the lash line, you should go all out and go for the so-called eye contouring. To do this, prime the entire lid with a foundation, mattify it with a little transparent powder and then fill the entire lid with black, dark brown or dark gray eye shadow.

Make-up tip: And if you don’t have time for extensive eye make-up, just dab some highlighter directly under your eyebrows and gently smudge it. This visually lifts the eyelids and makes your eyes look bigger.

Make-up for drooping eyelids: Typical mistakes
Under no circumstances should an eyeliner that is too thick be applied. Instead, it is better to draw a fine eyeliner that runs along the waterline on the lower lash line. In addition, the eyeliner in the outer eye area should not end with a downward curve, but upward. Because this is the only way to visually lift the eye. Another no-go: Do ​​not emphasize the lower edge of the eyelid too dark, this makes you look tired quickly. Better to use light colors.

Hide drooping eyelids with make-up or prefer to have an operation?
Of course, this is a question that only you and those around you can objectively assess. The fact is: drooping eyelids don’t get better with age – on the contrary. If the drooping eyelids hang very heavily over the eyes and you can no longer do much with make-up, then you should consider alternatives. The general tolerance for corrections to drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes is very high, because they cannot be eliminated naturally and both of these always make you look tired, saggy and older.

Invisible Magic Stripes can be a first aid – you practically straighten your face or the affected area with them. Because the stripes are transparent, they are hardly noticeable. In Hollywood, you are a staple on red carpets. After all, the stars want to look young and wrinkle-free. If the face or the corresponding areas collapse completely after peeling off and the suffering is correspondingly great, then it is time for the beauty doc. This removes the excess tissue so that you look fresher and more radiant again. Get good advice and only see a doctor you trust. Let him show you his work and explain the process and all risks in detail.

These 3 lipstick mistakes should be avoided

These 3 lipstick mistakes should be avoided

Put on lipstick – and you’re done. No other make-up utensil makes us look fresher and shine immediately. No matter how tired we are. For long-lasting beautiful lips, you should avoid these 3 mistakes.

Bet you have one in your handbag too? Even if we wear significantly less lipstick in Corona times, it remains our favorite utensil. But shortly after you apply it (not under the mask, of course) it runs or smears? Chances are you’ve made these 3 typical mistakes.

You forgot the primer

Whether under the eye shadow or make-up: nothing works without primer – and it is the same with the lips. Applied as a base, the lipstick lasts much longer with a lip primer. It creates a basis on which the color lasts better and even allows it to come into its own. It goes without saying that the mouth is clean and dry before application. It is very easy to use: Always apply the primer first, then the lipstick. In the meantime, there are also combination products made of primer and lipstick such as the “LipLiner InkDuo” from Sheisedo .

You haven’t used a lip liner

Well, you’ve applied the primer – and then, as previously described, the lipstick too. But: With strong colors, you should apply the lip liner after the primer. It ensures that the lips are clearly accentuated and the lipstick does not run – this is unfortunately noticeable quickly with a deep red or berry shade. Very important: The lip liner should always have the same shade as the lipstick so that there are no ugly transitions or the lip liner looks like a border.

You forgot the corners of your mouth

A popular mistake – most women actually only briefly go back and forth with their lipstick, forgetting the corners of their mouths. This does not resolve itself by pressing our lips together, as we already know from our mothers. For beautiful lips, please also paint in the corners, you may use a brush to help.

Hairstyle: The mullet is back as “The Pullet”

Miley Cyrus

Oh dear – the Vokuila is celebrating its comeback? Haven’t we just survived the worst return from the 80s, the cycling shorts? “The Pullet” is a mix of pixie cut and mullet. And the new hairstyle doesn’t look too bad when you wear it in the new version like Miley Cyrus.

Mullet: Short at the front, long at the back

Pop star Miley Cyrus has used the lockdown to reinvent himself on his head. And although you thought that the mullet would never take the stage again, it’s not that bad in the new edition. Loyal followers of the mullet, who still exist here and there, should feel confirmed: After all, stars like footballer Rudi “Tante Käthe” Völler made the curly hairstyle famous back then and none other than Bono from the rock band “U2” performed with it . Hollywood star Mel Gibson was the dream become mullet-bearer! So the hairstyle was a child of its time – and now we are writing the year 2020 with Vokuhila 2.0 – also called “The Pullet”.

The Pullet – this is how it is worn

The cut is cheekier, more fringed and has something androgynous about it. So there are neat layers in the hair . Those who do not dare to have very short bangs (length of the first third of the forehead) can, like Miley Cyrus, wear them a little longer. That is not totally consistent, but understandable. Ultimately, you should adapt the bangs to the shape of the face: With round and heart-shaped faces, a slightly longer bangs look better, oval faces the short form. In any case, the hairstyle is an eyecatcher – of course you have to decide for yourself whether you dare!

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What helps against grey hair?

What helps against gray hair?

Gray hair is a sign of wisdom, calm or serenity and is now even in trend. However, not everyone wants to wear grey hair and with that, many people choose dyes or other options. What many people do not know: grey hair does not necessarily appear from a certain age, but sometimes at a very young age – in individual cases this can happen from the age of 25.

What causes grey hair?

Over time, the body loses the colouring pigment melanin. This is initially a natural process, but the loss of pigment can also be due to illness. In both cases, however, more colourless pigments get into the horny layers of the hair, causing the original hair colour to fade. The overall picture looks grey.

However, humans themselves can also influence and promote this process: when one is exposed to a lot of stress, gray hair often develops faster than one might like. However, aggressive hair care, smoking or a lack of certain vitamins and nutrients can also lead to this.

If the declining melamine production has a disease-related cause, this can be accelerated by serious illnesses, such as the thyroid gland, but also by hormonal disorders or even chemotherapy.

Anti-gray hair agent
If the first gray hair has already formed, it is advisable to use a product to reactivate the natural pigmentation against gray hair . Scalp lotions should be preferred to repigmenting shampoos because they start where the hair is created, namely the scalp. They naturally stimulate the production of the original natural hair color.

When the hair loses vitality
Incorrect care products or harsh dyes can also have a negative impact on the scalp. They often contain ingredients such as chlorine, ammonia, sulfates or phosphates, which can dry out the scalp and lead to dry and brittle hair. This can also cause the hair to lose strength and vitality.

If you want to counteract graying hair, it is generally advisable to use natural remedies. Because these are often gentler on the hair and scalp, as they do not require any aggressive chemical additives.

Reduce stress and worry
Stress and worries are rarely the cause of gray hair or hair loss, but they can promote or accelerate their progress. Appropriate compensation should therefore be provided in stressful situations. There are numerous relaxing leisure activities that can reduce stress and make unnecessary thoughts disappear.

Jogging, a hike or soothing music can help. But many also resort to full baths with herbal essences , which seem to help extremely well.

Gray hair – yes or no?
Even if gray or dyed gray hair is a fashionable trend right now, nobody has to simply accept this natural aging process if this is not what they want. By taking into account the internal and external influences that can influence the graying of the hair, it is even possible to prevent gray hair, postpone it or even partially reverse it. Because nowadays gray hair is a choice that you can consciously choose or against.

Immediate effect: the 3 best anti-aging serums from the drugstore

anti-aging serums

We often have to dig deep into our wallets for anti-aging products. But that is not absolutely necessary! We’ll tell you THE three bestsellers that you can get cheaply in the nearest drugstore. These are the three best anti-wrinkle serums for little money!

Have you discovered a new wrinkle this morning? In order to reduce existing wrinkles and, above all, to prevent unsightly skin aging, anti-aging products are the ultimate in our skin care . Unfortunately, the remedies are often very expensive, which is why we use them rarely or infrequently.

These are the best anti-aging serums from the drugstore
In order to effectively prevent premature skin aging due to solar radiation, environmental influences and our lifestyle, the timely use of anti-aging products with high-quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or retinol, which stimulate the skin’s own collagen system, is particularly important.

We therefore reveal the three bestselling anti-aging serums with immediate effect from the drugstore. The anti-wrinkle products convince with very good customer ratings and let your skin shine the next morning – and best of all : They are also cheap!

Lavera Firming Serum | Organic Face Serum | Anti-Ageing Serum
Facial Serum, Moisturizing & Anti Aging Face Serum - L'Oréal Paris
NIVEA PROFESSIONAL Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum (1 x 50 ml), Effective &  Intensive Anti-Ageing Serum, Nourishing Hyaluron Anti-Ageing & Moisturising  Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Long-Lasting Effects: Amazon.co.uk: Beauty

Dyeing hair: you should consider this at home

Dyeing hair

Don’t get a hairdresser appointment and don’t feel like waiting anymore? With our tips and tricks, you can get hair colouring at home too.

When it comes to small colour changes, such as re-dyeing the roots, lightening the hair by a shade or concealing the first grey streaks , we can do it ourselves at home. However, it is important to exercise caution and to inform yourself well beforehand so that there are no nasty surprises afterwards. If you don’t trust yourself to lend a hand at home, you’d better wait for an appointment with the hairdresser.

The most common mistakes when dyeing hair

  1. Wrong
    assessment of the original hair colour Most women do not assess their own hair colour correctly, they often see themselves as darker than they are. The correct classification of the natural hair colour is important to achieve the desired result. You can buy colour for your hair from hairdressers or drugstores, for example. Tip: Take a friend with you to the drugstore who can take a look from the outside. Or even ask someone completely stranger for a brief assessment.
  2. Expectations too high
    If you want a particularly great transformation, you should rather ask yourself twice whether it can be achieved in a satisfactory quality at home. If you want from dark to light blonde, a professional Ombre look or another radical colour change, going to the hairdresser is probably the better choice. After all, professionals are there for demanding colour work!
  3. Bad preparation
    You bought the dye and you are ready to start mixing with anticipation? Stop stop Even if you can’t wait for the transformation, the right preparation is essential to achieve optimal results. Have all the utensils ready and read all the instructions carefully before dyeing – otherwise you may experience an unpleasant surprise later.
  4. Dyeing the whole hair of
    grey strands Anyone who turns to dyes for grey strands often makes the mistake of dyeing all of the hair down to the tips. The problem? The grey areas are gone afterwards, but the overall result looks irregular. This is of course due to the fact that the grey strands absorb the colour differently than the naturally coloured hair.
  5. No experiments
    If the result after dyeing yourself is different than desired, go to the hairdresser. Better not try to save the hairstyle yourself, in the end we will only make it worse.

When should I let a professional do my hair?
If you have a sensitive or even injured scalp, it is better not to dye the hair yourself. The risk of further irritation is far too great. If you suffer from an allergy to one of the ingredients of the coloration or tint, you should not dye your hair under any circumstances. Allergy sufferers must therefore always carefully study the package to see whether it contains a substance that they cannot tolerate. Even with extreme color changes, for example from dark to blonde or vice versa, always consult a professional.

Colouring before hair: choose the right shade
Before you start colouring at home, you need to determine your own hair colour. By the way, many women estimate their own hair colour to be too dark, which means that the exposure time can be incorrectly estimated. Before you start colouring, you should definitely compare your own hair colour with the pictures on the packaging. If the original hair colour doesn’t appear there, you’d better look for an alternative. In general, the following applies to dyeing at home: It is best to stick to your natural hair colour and only dye it one or two shades lighter or darker. If you are still unsure about the right shade, you should try a tint instead of a permanent coloration. They are considered gentler than colorants and are ideal for a little colour intensification. Tints only deposit the pigments on the hair and disappear again after four to six washes. Colorations, on the other hand, have a permanent effect and only gradually grow out again.

How do you prepare your hair for dyeing?
Since the hair is stressed by dyeing, you should prepare your mane carefully. It is advisable that the tips be cut about four weeks before dyeing. You can find out how you can do this yourself here.

In addition, we should regularly apply a regeneration treatment to the hair in good time, preferably four weeks in advance. The coloration can only work evenly if our hair is healthy. It is best to wash your hair with a mild shampoo or, alternatively, just with water a day before coloring your hair. This rinses out any residues from styling or care products.
In addition, always carefully study the instructions on the packaging before dyeing and read the instructions for use to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Also pay attention to the exposure time of the product. To be on the safe side, we should always have a pack of the respective color in reserve at home, in case we need a little more color and one pack is not enough.

We need these utensils for colouring hair:
Before you start dyeing, lay out all the important utensils. Also, put on old clothes, like a discarded T-shirt, so you don’t stain your favourite clothes with paint. Also, put an old towel around your shoulders. You also need a watch, ideally with a timer, to keep a close eye on the product’s exposure time.
We also recommend:

Gloves: This is how the paint doesn’t end up on our hands.
A small bowl for the paint.
Hair clips for marking out individual sections.
We separate individual strands or sections with a handle comb .
Coloring brush : This makes it easier for you to apply the color, for example if you want to re-color the roots.
After coloring your hair: care, care, care
After dyeing, care is the most important thing, because the hair is stressed with every coloration. Therefore wash the mane only with lukewarm instead of hot water, so it doesn’t dry out so quickly. You should also use a restorative hair treatment so that the coloration lasts better. A shampoo for colored hair is also useful.

These hair colors are all the rage in 2020
Warm blonde tones are totally in this year, including rich caramel nuances and honey blonde. These tones are guaranteed to make your hair shine.

Also trendy is brown hair, which is reminiscent of the color of chocolate. Model Emily Ratajkowski shows how and shines with her mane.

Copper nuances remain in vogue. These look particularly great with a delicate porcelain complexion. Peach tones are also very popular.