Hairstyles for the oval face

Hairstyles for the oval face

If there is such a thing as the perfect face shape for hairstyles, it is the oval face. However, some styles look particularly good on women with this face shape – we give tips on how to find the ideal style for your type.

How do you recognize an oval face?
An oval face is considered to be the ideal face shape because it has balanced and soft contours. From this point on, the face narrows evenly upwards and downwards. The hairline and chin are gently rounded.

Do you have a different face shape? We also have hairstyles for a narrow face and hairstyles for a round face .

Hairstyles for an oval face
Still need some hairstyle inspiration? Whether Bob, a chic pixie cut, Beach Waves or long curls – Women with an oval face can be lucky for them is almost everything. Steps are good for the oval face shape, because they add volume to the hair and visually broaden the face a little.

Better to avoid these hairstyles
Women with oval faces should keep their hands off sleek looks, because they visually elongate the face. The same applies to straight, extra-long hair, which is also nothing for the oval face shape.

Which parting is best?
So that your oval face no longer looks, it is best to wear a deep side parting. This interrupts the slightly longer shape of the face and makes it look a little wider.

Bangs for the high forehead
If your forehead seems a little too dominant to you, then bangs are a good solution for you. A precisely cut pony gives elegance, while a slightly tiered pony looks more youthful. With a little skill, you can easily cut the bangs yourself at home.

The times when sail ears were surgically created are actually over. Even models like Tanya Dziahileva confidently present their upcoming ears on the catwalk. If you still want to hide your sail ears a bit, a bob is recommended. This hairstyle can be blow-dried quickly with a round brush in the morning and covers your ears.

Hair color with special accents
Oval face shape but boring hair color? You don’t have to dye all of your hair right away if you need some variety. A few highlights , one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color, set a few bright reflections in your hair and make it look more lively.

What type are you
Do you want to appear more youthful or should your outfit exude classic elegance? Depending on what applies to you, you should also choose your hairstyle. A layered cut, which might add a slight wave in your hair, looks loose and can make you look a few years younger. An accurately cut short haircut in a strong color emphasizes the strength of a woman. Collect photos from magazines or blogs that you like and discuss with your hairdresser what effect the desired hairstyle can have on your appearance.

Do’s for hairstyles for the oval face

  • Wear a deep parting on the side. This interrupts the elongated face shape and makes the face look a little wider.
  • If you have a high forehead, a pony is great.
  • Put on steps, because these add volume to the hair and visually broaden the face a little.

Don’t do it with hairstyles for the oval face

  • Very long, straight hair that extends across the chest is not for this face shape.
  • It is also better to avoid sleek looks, they visually elongate the face.


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