Bandana Bun: Elegant 5-minute summer hairstyle for a cool head

Bandana Bun

Standing in front of the mirror for hours in summer so that the hairstyle falls apart again after half an hour in the heat? Fortunately, things can also get better: The bandana bun is the perfect hairstyle for hot days. The elegant bun hairstyle is ready in 5 minutes and keeps our hair out of our face – practical and cooling! We reveal how the bandana bun works.

Not just those of us who are blessed with thick and long hair – on hot summer days we all sweat under our mane. Therefore: up with your hair! But a quick ponytail every day? Sometimes we want our hairstyle to look a little more attractive. Without much effort, of course. We have found the perfect hairstyle for this: The Bandana Bun looks classy, ​​is styled in no time and keeps our necks free on hot days.

This is what defines the bandana bun
The bandana bun is a bun hairstyle. So, depending on your preference, the hair is tied low in the neck, at ear level at the back of the head or in ballerina style on top of the forelock – perfect for hot days. The special thing about the bandana bun: As the name suggests, a pretty scarf is integrated into this hairstyle. This makes the simple hairstyle a real eye-catcher and so it can be completely reinterpreted every day.

Instructions: Simple bandana bun without braiding
First, choose a nice cloth. This can be a classic bandana , or a noble silk scarf – depending on the occasion and the desired style. If you want it to be more uncomplicated or have short hair, you can use this quick variant of the bandana bun:

To do this, tie a ponytail at the desired height. Now wrap the cloth around the braid and knot it once.
Now pull the lengths halfway through the hair elastic again and wrap the hair into a bun.
Then knot the lengths of the scarf and fix the bun.
The ends of the hair and some strands can hang out loosely, which results in a relaxed, modern messy look.

This is how the bandana bun works: braided version
Tie a ponytail at the desired height (at the nape of the neck or higher) with an inconspicuous elastic band.
Now pull your chosen scarf through the hair elastic as well, so that it hangs down with the strands of hair in the braid. The upper end of the cloth can be temporarily attached to the top hair with a bobby pin. You should still have about 10 cm over here.
Now divide your ponytail into two parts and use the scarf as a strand. Braid the braid down to the end and secure it with an inconspicuous braid elastic.
Now wind up the braided plait to form a bun. Help fix it with hairpins. But don’t wind up the whole braid – let the end peek out so that there is still some cloth hanging down here.
Now loosen the leftover piece of cloth that you temporarily attached to the head and knot both ends of the cloth together. Depending on how much cloth you have left, you can also tie a bow.


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