Are you waiting two hours to bathe?


We reveal how much truth is in the famous digestion cut

It seems incredible that Google continues to argue about this: do you have to wait two hours after eating before bathing? Today we clarify it, once and for all.

“If when we are doing digestion we bathe and, for example, we swim, dive or simply play in the water, our body will have to redistribute blood flow and send more blood to those muscles that are active.

This will lead to our digestive system working with fewer resources and digestion slowing down, being able to suffer the symptoms of indigestion: heaviness, discomfort and sometimes nausea ”, explains Virtudes Roig, a pharmacist, and optician who gives every week in his Instagram @elblogdepills infographic health tips.

Based on this reality, in a recent post on her blog, this expert put the question on the table: Does the digestion cut exist, or is it an invention of the parents? “Digestion does not stop, nor is it cut off,” he reassured.

What then is the digestion cutoff?

This dreaded shock, which does exist and is not an invention of any parent wanting to take a nap on vacation, is officially known as “hydrocution”.

Hydrocution involves the sudden loss of consciousness as a result of the sudden impact with cold water.

“It is a thermal shock caused by the difference in temperature between our body and the water where we bathe,” explains Roig, who points out: “In its mildest form, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, paleness, headache, blurred vision, ringing in the ear and even loss of consciousness or syncope ”.

It is called a digestion cut (erroneously) because, as the expert maintains, it is a symptomatology that is frequently confused with indigestion.

Is hydrocution syndrome serious?

It can be. From @elblogdepills alert: In its most serious form, contact with cold water can cause vasoconstriction in the superficial circulation and a decrease in heart rate, resulting in a cardiorespiratory arrest that can lead to sudden death.

If you want to know the risk factors for this syndrome, pay attention to the infographic, whose author is @elblogdepills herself

No fear, but caution

Listening for years to doctors talk about this subject, we can conclude that digestion is a process that does not stop and that not only lasts more than two hours but can last between ten hours and two days.

And very important, just in case: hydrocution occurs if we introduce a sudden change in temperature in the body, be it cold or hot.

Conclusion: After eating, enter the water little by little, never by diving.


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