Are we putting on a mask beyond our means?


We alerts you to the dangers of overmasking

Can one overdo a good thing and turn it into bad? Surely. Our grandmothers already said it: Little likes and much tires. The virtue of moderation or how to know where the middle ground is helps a lot to take care of yourself.

Not only in matters of nutrition and physical exercise , but also with regard to poting. The #Istayathome

moment has desperately launched us into beauty rituals for which we never found time before . In addition to making bread, yoga and direct on Instagram, Spanish women are putting on beauty masks.

Above our means? Most likely.

Taking care of your skin excessively can stress it out. That’s how it is. In fact, experts warn: if the skin is not well cleaned before applying the mask, it can cause a dilation of the pores, without going any further.

Consequences of putting more masks than necessary:

If they are masks with acids, peeling effect, whitening or astringent for oily skin, they can irritate if they are abused

If they are one of those that are impregnated in fabric, be careful. When you notice that it has dried, take it off. If it is attached to the skin and it no longer finds hydration in the tissue, it begins to absorb that of the corneal layer itself, creating further dehydration.

Not by leaving the mask exposed for longer, it has a better effect. Unlike. 10-15 minutes is usually sufficient. For example, a mask for oily skin that is left too long can cause a rebound effect of the sebaceous glands, which start to make more oil.

Although Korean women defend the use of a mask almost daily, dermatologists think it is exaggerated. Especially if your skin is sensitive or reactive.

Normally, the manufacturer indicates the frequency of use of the masks. Using them above that guideline is a mistake.

“One exception is night masks, which can be left on for eight hours of sleep. For that, make sure that yours belongs to that category ”.


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