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Beauty miracle hyaluronic acid

Beauty miracle hyaluronic acid

More than just a moisturizer. How and in what form the precious elixir works best to keep the skin smooth and firm over the long term.

Beauty miracle hyaluronic acid
Two drops massaged in before going to bed, two drops in the morning – and the skin looks plump and radiant like after an autumn walk. Do you think that sounds like hocus-pocus? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. A hyaluronic acid elixir actually works miracles. The secret: The power fabric absorbs moisture like a sponge – one gram can bind up to six liters of water! The hyaluronic acid contained in the new anti-aging creams and fillers goes deep and fills the skin’s moisture depots with lasting effect.

What is hyaluronic acid actually?
Contrary to what its name suggests, hyaluronic acid (from the Greek “hyalos” = glass) is a natural product. It is found throughout the body, over 50 percent of which is in the skin or in the intercellular spaces in the dermis.

The gel-like moisture magnet is produced by the connective tissue cells, where it develops into a real all-rounder: hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin, supports collagen and elastine fibers and can even intercept free radicals. But the effect is not permanent. From around the age of 25, the depots empty little by little . The skin’s own production no longer follows – you will notice that the elasticity is slowly decreasing. From 40, when the skin generally stores less moisture, deeper wrinkles can be seen. Time to help out from outside.

How do cosmetics use the substance?
Resourceful researchers came up with the idea of ​​producing hyaluronic acid in the laboratory – from cocks’ combs. In order to rule out allergic reactions to animal proteins, the substance is nowadays mainly obtained biotechnologically from microorganisms (e.g. from wheat). Japanese cosmetics companies successfully brought hyaluronic acid onto the market as a serum as early as the 1980s. So the complexion looked dewy in no time, even after partying nights. However, the beauty effect only lasted for a short time. The reason: the large molecules remained on the skin and could not penetrate deeply. Today we are already a huge step further and can produce hyaluronic acid in smaller fragments.
This goal is being pursued in different ways: Decléor wants to stimulate hyaluronic acid production with wild pansy extract. Kanebo is based on a combination of beta-carotene, a hyaluron booster and a cocktail of rose, sandalwood and jasmine aromas. And Estée Lauder relies on prevention – with a sophisticated technology that slows down the enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid.

What is hyaluronic acid in?
The top moisturizer is not only found in anti-aging creams, but also in eye gels, cleansing products and hand and body creams. The trend: lifting care that makes the lips look full and voluminous. Small wrinkles also disappear in no time . A concentrated load of hyaluronic acid is traditionally provided by masks and serums – there is twice and three times as much in it as in the jar.

How can the doctor help?
A hyaluronic acid injection at a dermatologist is even more effective than creams. In so-called mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin. Two or three sessions – and your complexion appears plumper, rosier and fresher. “Belotero”, “Glytone”, “Juvederm”, “Restylane”) bring more. They are injected into deeper layers of the skin to help line up medium to deep wrinkles. For lips and forehead about 6 months, nasolabial folds 6 to 9 months, cheeks 9 to a maximum of 15 months.
A study by the University of Hamburg shows that hyaluronic acid injections give the skin more elasticity. Allergies are rather rare with the skin’s own substance. “However, swelling and bruising can occur that can last for a few days,” warns Dr. Fatemi. Another not very favorable side effect: the price. A treatment, which lasts around 15 to 30 minutes, costs from 250 euros.

Trend hairstyles 2020: 3 short haircuts for summer

Trend hairstyles 2020

Short haircuts are more popular than ever – and that suits us especially in summer! Long manes under which we sweat, elaborate styling and eternal hair washing are a thing of the past with these short hairstyles. We’ll show you the top 3 trending hairstyles for short hair this summer.

Short haircuts for summer
Whether really short, a chin-length bob or shoulder-length: short haircuts are absolutely trendy this summer. At high temperatures it’s not only pleasant, our hair will thank us for it too. Strong sunlight, chlorine and salt water put a particular strain on hair lengths in summer. So why not just get off it – and make your hair look strong and shiny again? You’ll do everything right this year with these top 3 spa haircuts.

The top 3 trend hairstyles in summer 2020
Soft blunt bob
The blunt bob is derived from the English word “blunt”, which means something like “blunt”. This means the straight cut, with which the hair is cut straight at the level of the chin. This year we love a slightly different version: The Soft Blunt Bob is characterized by a more casual version of the cut. Here the tips are shortened a little less angular, so that they deliberately protrude a little.
This look provides natural dynamism, more volume and a lot of casualness. This also makes styling easier for us – because the soft blunt bob is super uncomplicated due to its messy look.
Bye-bye, long blow-drying and strict sleek styling! Great: The loose cut makes you look a few years younger.

Natural bob
This summer we love it uncomplicated, casual and fast. That is why the natural bob remains in the current hairstyle trends.
Forget about accurate cuts and elaborate styling: For this trendy hairstyle, we let our hair fall naturally. The best: The natural bob works with any hair structure – whether wavy, straight or curly! Let the hairdresser advise you which length will suit your face. With this hairstyle we have more time for the beach and cocktails!

Soft pixie cut
The pixie cut is a true classic. It actually dates from the 1950s and became a symbol for the emancipation of women in the 60s.
Because not only men, women also look beautiful with short hairstyles. With a pixie cut you have to be a little brave: Here the mane is actually shortened to a few centimeters. Depending on the variant, the hair can also be rasp-short!

This summer we are celebrating the comeback of the important short haircut – in a soft version. The new version is a little softer and more feminine than the classic. Accordingly, this is a less hard cut. The sides are traditionally cut short so that the ears stand free. The top hair is kept a little longer for this. This creates a soft, feminine look in which the hair on the head falls naturally and maintains volume. Perfect for hot days!

Hairstyles for the oval face

Hairstyles for the oval face

If there is such a thing as the perfect face shape for hairstyles, it is the oval face. However, some styles look particularly good on women with this face shape – we give tips on how to find the ideal style for your type.

How do you recognize an oval face?
An oval face is considered to be the ideal face shape because it has balanced and soft contours. From this point on, the face narrows evenly upwards and downwards. The hairline and chin are gently rounded.

Do you have a different face shape? We also have hairstyles for a narrow face and hairstyles for a round face .

Hairstyles for an oval face
Still need some hairstyle inspiration? Whether Bob, a chic pixie cut, Beach Waves or long curls – Women with an oval face can be lucky for them is almost everything. Steps are good for the oval face shape, because they add volume to the hair and visually broaden the face a little.

Better to avoid these hairstyles
Women with oval faces should keep their hands off sleek looks, because they visually elongate the face. The same applies to straight, extra-long hair, which is also nothing for the oval face shape.

Which parting is best?
So that your oval face no longer looks, it is best to wear a deep side parting. This interrupts the slightly longer shape of the face and makes it look a little wider.

Bangs for the high forehead
If your forehead seems a little too dominant to you, then bangs are a good solution for you. A precisely cut pony gives elegance, while a slightly tiered pony looks more youthful. With a little skill, you can easily cut the bangs yourself at home.

The times when sail ears were surgically created are actually over. Even models like Tanya Dziahileva confidently present their upcoming ears on the catwalk. If you still want to hide your sail ears a bit, a bob is recommended. This hairstyle can be blow-dried quickly with a round brush in the morning and covers your ears.

Hair color with special accents
Oval face shape but boring hair color? You don’t have to dye all of your hair right away if you need some variety. A few highlights , one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color, set a few bright reflections in your hair and make it look more lively.

What type are you
Do you want to appear more youthful or should your outfit exude classic elegance? Depending on what applies to you, you should also choose your hairstyle. A layered cut, which might add a slight wave in your hair, looks loose and can make you look a few years younger. An accurately cut short haircut in a strong color emphasizes the strength of a woman. Collect photos from magazines or blogs that you like and discuss with your hairdresser what effect the desired hairstyle can have on your appearance.

Do’s for hairstyles for the oval face

  • Wear a deep parting on the side. This interrupts the elongated face shape and makes the face look a little wider.
  • If you have a high forehead, a pony is great.
  • Put on steps, because these add volume to the hair and visually broaden the face a little.

Don’t do it with hairstyles for the oval face

  • Very long, straight hair that extends across the chest is not for this face shape.
  • It is also better to avoid sleek looks, they visually elongate the face.

Inexpensive and effective: the best 5 eyelash serums from the drugstore

the best 5 eyelash serums from the drugstore

Long, thick eyelashes – a dream! In order to achieve this, many women use eyelash serums – but in the long run that can cost a lot of money. We’ll tell you which eyelash serums are high quality and cheap! These are the 5 best eyelash serums from the drugstore.

Long, thick eyelashes with eyelash serums
We all want long, full and thick eyelashes. While a few are naturally blessed with it, most of us have to help out with mascara and the like. But in the evening at the latest, when we remove our make-up, the nice boost effect has disappeared again.

A great option: using eyelash serums! The highly effective liquids stimulate the growth of our eyelashes and make them fuller and longer even without makeup. The serum is used once or twice a day. You apply the transparent liquid horizontally along the lash line with a small brush and leave it on overnight. If used regularly for a few weeks, you can expect visible, impressive results.

Inexpensive: The top 5 eyelash serums from the drugstore
The high quality active ingredients in combination with big brand names make many eyelash serums very expensive – which affects the product price for the end consumer. But especially if you want to test an eyelash serum for the first time, or if you want to use the miracle cure permanently, the high costs are a deterrent.
But good quality doesn’t have to be expensive! We reveal the 5 best rated eyelash serums from the drugstore.

Eyelash serums from the drugstore
Eyelash serums from the drugstore
Eyelash serums from the drugstore
Eyelash serums from the drugstore

What to do with ingrown hairs

What to do with ingrown hairs

Smooth, flawless skin has become an ideal of beauty. Legs, arms, armpits and the genital area are freed from stubble so that the skin looks smooth and fine. But hair removal carries the risk of ingrown hairs. Prevent it!

What does ingrown hair look like?
Almost everyone is affected by these tiny hairs that do not penetrate the skin and therefore continue to grow under the skin. Some have to do with it very rarely, others again and again. Those who are blessed with curly or very thick hair often know the problem particularly well. The hair lies below the skin, which is why small bumps or pimple-like redness often form. It can be itchy or even painful. If the hair root becomes inflamed, it can even lead to an abscess with pus formation.

Why hair ingrown
Normally hair grows straight out of the skin and doesn’t cause any problems. If the hair follicle in which the hair follicle is located runs at an angle to the skin, ingrown hairs can quickly develop. Curly hair can also grow into the skin . Ingrown hairs are particularly common after waxing or epilation. Sometimes these methods displace the follicle so that the hair then grows out of it at an angle. Increased friction due to clothing that is too tight can also lead to ingrown hairs. Sensitive skin areas such as the armpits and bikini line are particularly often affected. In men, ingrown hairs often appear on the face or neck.

This really helps against ingrown hairs
The most effective method of preventing ingrown hairs is to stop depilating the affected parts of the body . Of course, this is often easier said than done: we have got used to depilating the skin and don’t want to stop because of some unruly hairs. So if you want to keep shaving your legs or waxing your bikini line, you can still tackle the ingrown hairs.

Warm compresses are effective but gentle. To do this, put a fresh washcloth in hot water and then press it onto the affected part of the body. You should repeat this process for ten minutes. The pores open up and both the hair and skin become a little softer. After repeated use, a slight reddening forms. Then you can very carefully prick the skin at the affected area with a disinfected needle and pull the hair out of the skin.

Prevent ingrown hair
But it would be best, of course, that the pimples and redness would not arise in the first place. However, the following tips and measures for hair removal can prevent this:

Before hair removal, exfoliate the relevant part of the body. This peeling is one of the Amazon bestsellers.
Always remove the hair in the direction of growth
Always use sharp blades when shaving. Shop a well-rated razor here.
After hair removal, provide the skin with care, cold and moisture
Exfoliate regularly even after hair removal

Ingrown hair is a health hazard

The beauty problem can also present serious difficulties. If the hair becomes infected, you need to consult a doctor. Untreated inflammation can turn into an abscess in the surrounding tissue that also forms pus. Harmless ingrown hair can expand to the point of blood poisoning. That is why it is extremely important to exercise hygiene and cleanliness when dealing with ingrown hairs. If the method with the sterile needle is too uncertain for you, you should simply leave the ingrown hair alone. Most of the time it comes out from under the skin by itself.

Summer hairstyle Shaggy Bob: the casual short haircut

Summer hairstyle Shaggy Bob

We love bobcuts! Regardless of the form, the short haircuts are particularly popular this year. A popular summer variant: the shaggy bob. We’ll tell you what makes the uncomplicated, airy cut.

A little rocky, young and wild – that probably best describes the Shaggy Bob. The casual short haircut owes its name to its slightly shaggy appearance. The English word “shaggy” means something like shaggy. That doesn’t sound so convincing yet? Wait for it!

Trendy Shaggy Bob hairstyle
Originally from the 70s, the shag cut at that time is now experiencing its revival: The combination of the trendy undone look and the bob cut makes the shaggy bob the absolute trend hairstyle. Style forever in the morning? Not necessary! The shaggy strands are wanted here. They make for a cool, casual look and make us look a few years younger

Away with strict hairstyles, over-correctness and perfectly fitting strands – with the Shaggy Bob we save time, money and a lot of nerves! And best of all: The loose, short haircut is really refreshing in the hot temperatures.

This is what a shaggy bob looks like
The Shaggy Bob by no means wants to look strict, neat, and styled. It is therefore something for the casual person who would like a quick hairstyle that makes them look fresh and youthful.

Whether you opt for a very short bob that ends at the ears, or you prefer chin length or even collarbone: The hair length is not decisive with a shaggy bob. Here you can freely choose according to your preference.

What makes the Shaggy Bob stand out are rather the graduated strands: To prevent straightness, especially with straight hair, the mane is well graduated. The upper outer hairs are longer than the hair below. The fringes add volume, swing and a touch of rock ‘n roll.

The front part of the hair can be a little longer than the hair on the back of the head. This creates even more swing and asymmetry.

How to style the shaggy bob
The best thing about this trendy hairstyle: You don’t need elaborate styling! Those who naturally have light waves can simply let their hair air-dry after washing.

If you have very straight hair, wash your hair in the evening and go to bed with your hair slightly damp (not wet!). Those who wish can fix something mousse knead and his hair blow-dry with a diffuser head over to provide even more momentum and volume.

Bandana Bun: Elegant 5-minute summer hairstyle for a cool head

Bandana Bun

Standing in front of the mirror for hours in summer so that the hairstyle falls apart again after half an hour in the heat? Fortunately, things can also get better: The bandana bun is the perfect hairstyle for hot days. The elegant bun hairstyle is ready in 5 minutes and keeps our hair out of our face – practical and cooling! We reveal how the bandana bun works.

Not just those of us who are blessed with thick and long hair – on hot summer days we all sweat under our mane. Therefore: up with your hair! But a quick ponytail every day? Sometimes we want our hairstyle to look a little more attractive. Without much effort, of course. We have found the perfect hairstyle for this: The Bandana Bun looks classy, ​​is styled in no time and keeps our necks free on hot days.

This is what defines the bandana bun
The bandana bun is a bun hairstyle. So, depending on your preference, the hair is tied low in the neck, at ear level at the back of the head or in ballerina style on top of the forelock – perfect for hot days. The special thing about the bandana bun: As the name suggests, a pretty scarf is integrated into this hairstyle. This makes the simple hairstyle a real eye-catcher and so it can be completely reinterpreted every day.

Instructions: Simple bandana bun without braiding
First, choose a nice cloth. This can be a classic bandana , or a noble silk scarf – depending on the occasion and the desired style. If you want it to be more uncomplicated or have short hair, you can use this quick variant of the bandana bun:

To do this, tie a ponytail at the desired height. Now wrap the cloth around the braid and knot it once.
Now pull the lengths halfway through the hair elastic again and wrap the hair into a bun.
Then knot the lengths of the scarf and fix the bun.
The ends of the hair and some strands can hang out loosely, which results in a relaxed, modern messy look.

This is how the bandana bun works: braided version
Tie a ponytail at the desired height (at the nape of the neck or higher) with an inconspicuous elastic band.
Now pull your chosen scarf through the hair elastic as well, so that it hangs down with the strands of hair in the braid. The upper end of the cloth can be temporarily attached to the top hair with a bobby pin. You should still have about 10 cm over here.
Now divide your ponytail into two parts and use the scarf as a strand. Braid the braid down to the end and secure it with an inconspicuous braid elastic.
Now wind up the braided plait to form a bun. Help fix it with hairpins. But don’t wind up the whole braid – let the end peek out so that there is still some cloth hanging down here.
Now loosen the leftover piece of cloth that you temporarily attached to the head and knot both ends of the cloth together. Depending on how much cloth you have left, you can also tie a bow.

This is how it works: Do your own make-up

Do your own make-up

We give you tips on how to do your own make-up. But powder, rouge and co. Can also be easily made yourself. This is not like a fun but it will save your $$$.

We bake, sewing, knitting, crocheting and harvest the vegetables from our own vegetable garden. In times of globalization it is often difficult to understand where the products we use every day come from and what is in them. But this is – not least for the sake of our health – of decisive importance, especially for food and beauty products.

DIY: do your own makeup

We’ll give you tips on how to easily do your own make-up. This is not only fun, but is also good for your health, cheaper and more individual. It is also good that we know exactly which ingredients are contained in homemade make-up. You can buy all of the ingredients mentioned here in pharmacies or health food stores. Rely on natural raw materials to avoid allergic reactions to the eyes or skin.

Doing your own make-up also has these great advantages: You know exactly what is in the end product! You can be sure that it does not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicones, plasticizers or mineral oils. And: Your self-made natural cosmetics do not have to be tested on animals. Furthermore, you will surely save yourself a euro or two. How expensive your homemade make-up will be, of course, depends on the ingredients selected. However, you definitely save a lot of money compared to a comparable, purchased product – because you neither pay for brand names nor for production, sales and Co.

How long can homemade cosmetics keep?

There is no general answer to this question. Cosmetic products from the trade have an expiry date similar to that of food or contain an indication of how long the product can be kept after opening. Depending on the product, this is three, six or 12 months, for example. When it comes to homemade cosmetics, the ingredients are very important: a freshly mixed avocado cream must be used quickly, a hand cream mixed with Vaseline can last a few weeks. You should therefore mix creams and co. Fresh more often instead of producing batches in advance.

Store homemade make-up

In principle, the same rules apply to the storage of homemade make-up as to purchased make-up. It is best to store the products in cool, dark and dry places. For example in a drawer in your dresser. Avoid storing them in the bedroom, because the moisture usually does not benefit the products – especially dry make-up such as powder! Heat and frequent carrying around can make fats such as lipstick go rancid.

Mixed products such as creams, especially if they also contain fresh ingredients such as avocado, should be kept in the refrigerator and used within a few days.

Make powder yourself

Ingredients :

  • Talc: water-repellent mineral that is also used as a powder base in industry.
  • Titanium oxide: white color pigment to lighten the powder
  • Magnesium stearate: ensures that the powder adheres firmly to the skin.
  • Almond and jojoba oil.
  • natural pigment substances


A mortar to crush the ingredients. There is a model here with good reviews.
A powder brush for applying the finished powder can be found here .
Preparation :

Rub 10 grams of talc, 7 grams of titanium oxide, one measuring spoon of pigment mixture and 2 measuring spoons of magnesium stearate with a mortar and pour the mixture into a tightly sealable container.
Now put half a tablespoon of almond oil and 2 drops of jojoba oil in the mortar, and gradually add a little of the mixed powder. Mix everything well until you get a loose powder.
Pour the face powder into a small container.
The powder can be applied with a brush and is ideal as a base for eye make-up or blush and as a finish for liquid make-up .
Tip: The advantage of powder make-up over liquid make-up is that the powder absorbs sebum and sweat at the same time. It is therefore particularly suitable in hot weather and oily skin.

Make your own blush
Blush is made according to the same principle as powder, but you also need 5 grams of red-brown pigment powder and luster pigments. Mix these with the powder until you have your desired shade of blush.

Make liquid make-up yourself
If you prefer liquid foundation instead of powder, you can make it yourself. These ingredients are required for this:

  • Face Lotion: Use a face cream as a base that you can tolerate well.
  • Zinc oxide: for sun protection
  • Cosmetic clay: for the color, select an approximately matching color when purchasing
  • Mica powder: for the shimmer, choose gold or bronze tones
  • Cocoa powder
  • Preparation:

Squeeze lotion into a container, the amount depends on how much makeup you want to make.
Now add zinc oxide. This gives sun protection. Depending on the amount of lotion you need between one and four teaspoons.
For the clay, add half a teaspoon of the cosmetic clay. The powder contains minerals and soaks up the oil from the skin.
Now add the mica powder and cocoa powder. They provide the color and tan of the liquid foundation. Carefully add a little powder little by little and see how the color develops. Always stir in between and test whether the clay matches the skin.
Tip: Small jars made of glass, for example, are ideal for storing home-made make-up. Shop a well-rated model here.
Make cream eyeshadow yourself
Ingredients :

Color phase:

  • 1.3 g talc
  • 0.5 g starch
  • 0.2 g of magnesium stearate
  • 1.5 g color pigments (color of your choice)
  • Fat phase:
  • 5 g jojoba oil
  • 0.2 g of carnauba wax
  • 0.8 g beeswax
  • Preparation :

Mix all products of the color phase well in a ziplock bag.
Melt jojoba oil with carnauba wax and beeswax.
Stir the powder of the color phase into this melt and fill it into an eyeshadow box.
Make lipstick yourself
Ingredients :


  • 1 teaspoon beeswax
  • 1 teaspoon shear, mango, avocado or almond butter
  • 1 teaspoon of almond, olive or jojoba oil
  • Colour:

Beetroot powder for a bright red color
Cinnamon or cocoa for brown tone
Turmeric as a mixed color for copper tone
Preparation :

Put the basic ingredients in a bowl and heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then stir well.
Now add 1/8 to ¼ teaspoon of the colored powder until the desired color is achieved.
Then fill the lipstick into a small container and cool to room temperature before use.
The lipstick can be stored in the refrigerator.

Blue light: Smartphones & Co. are so bad for our skin

Blue light

A suitable sun protection factor is, of course, our daily companion – after all, sun rays are one of the greatest skin aging factors. But what about the light radiation from our digital devices? How harmful the blue light from computers, smartphones and the like really is and how we can protect ourselves from premature wrinkling.

Digital aging: wrinkles through smartphones, TVs and PCs
The use of smartphones, laptops and tablets are firmly anchored in our everyday lives. Especially in the current crisis, we tend to spend a little more time in front of our digital devices. But the so-called bluelight, which the devices emit, supposedly causes wrinkles and a pale complexion. How harmful is blue light really for our skin?

The phenomenon of digital aging: that’s behind it
We are all familiar with the premature formation of wrinkles caused by sun rays. In the meantime, almost every day care product contains a sun protection factor , so that we are protected from the aggressive radiation around the clock. What has received less attention in our care routine so far is the blue light from digital devices.

The term “digital aging” describes the development of premature skin aging through the use of smartphones, tablets and Co. The screens emit what is known as blue light, which does our skin no favors!

Blue light: what is it actually?
In contrast to solar radiation, the light that radiates from our screens is not natural light. It has a wavelength between 380 and 500 nanometers and a very high energy charge. Technically correct, blue light is called HEV radiation (high-energy visible).

Digital devices: that’s how harmful blue light is to the skin
The artificial, blue light penetrates deeper into our skin than natural UV radiation does. The result: the formation of free radicals is favored. Free radicals are known as beauty killers in the beauty industry. Anti-aging products therefore often have active ingredients that help capture free radicals. If the free radicals run unhindered in our body, they destroy the DNA in our skin and thus promote the development of pale complexions, wrinkles, pigment spots and other signs of aging.
In addition, the connective tissue is affected. Fibers such as elastin and collagen, which ensure the resilience and elasticity of the skin, are destroyed by HEV radiation.
Furthermore, blue light can unbalance our skin barrier, which makes it easier for other harmful substances to penetrate our skin.

Premature wrinkling: this is how we can protect our skin

As digital devices take up more and more space in our everyday lives, the topic of blue light in skin care is also becoming more important. More and more cosmetic companies are bringing out products with a sun protection factor that not only protects us from UV radiation, but also from HEV radiation.

But we can counteract premature skin aging not only from the outside, but also from the inside. An important factor here is diet : foods with naturally occurring antioxidants are perfect because they bind free radicals and thus protect our skin from wrinkles. Great skin foods include berries (the darker the better), nuts, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, avocado and citrus fruits.

Also helpful: take a digital break every now and then . Whether it’s a day without a smartphone, an evening without a TV or a room in the apartment where digital devices are taboo – every restriction relieves your skin. Try what is possible for you. For example, grab a book before bed instead of lounging in front of the TV.

DIY skin care: simply make aloe vera gel yourself

DIY skin care

Whether as after-sun care, for dry skin, for allergies or impurities: the ingredients of aloe vera make your gel a real beauty miracle! We’ll tell you how easy it is to do pure skin care yourself.

The gel from the fleshy leaves of the aloe vera plant (real aloe) has been used for centuries for all kinds of skin ailments. The healing effect of the ingredients can be observed in all kinds of skin ailments, such as sunburns and even insect bites. So it’s no wonder it’s a very popular ingredient. We’ll tell you how you can easily and naturally obtain the gel yourself at home.

This is why aloe vera is good for the skin
The leaves of aloe vera contain valuable minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that have a positive effect on our skin and our organism. Furthermore, the thick leaves are able to store nutrients.
The outer bark of the leaf surrounds the juice and gel inside. The latter has anti-inflammatory properties that promote injury and wound healing in our skin.

Make aloe vera gel yourself: this is how it works
Required utensils:
The basic requirement for the production of the gel is of course an aloe vera plant. In order to preserve the valuable ingredients, the plant must be at least three years old. But don’t worry! You don’t have to wait three years for your homemade aloe vera gel. The plants can be bought at an older stage.
A sharp knife spoon
Lockable jar for storage
Also exciting: How to make soap yourself >>

First you should disinfect the utensils that come into contact with the gel. This works either with cleaning agents or, alternatively, simply with boiling water.
Now remove the aloe vera leaf with a sharp knife as far down from the plant as possible.
Now the sheet must be placed vertically, with the cut face down, in the glass. This is how the yellowish juice (aloin) runs off, which has a strong laxative effect and should therefore not be consumed. Wait 90 minutes for the aloin to drain completely.
To be on the safe side, shorten the leaf again by two to three centimeters to ensure that all residues of the juice have been removed.
Now the sheet is scratched lengthways and torn open. Gently scrape out the gel with a spoon.
The gel can now be stored in a sealed jar in the refrigerator for about two weeks.
Great side effect: the moisturizing gel is particularly refreshing from the refrigerator!

Shelf life: freeze aloe vera gel
If you want to make larger quantities, you can also freeze them. To do this, puree the gel in a blender and fill it into ice cube trays. So it can be thawed again later in good portions.